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22 de octubre de 2014
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De Quevedo a Francisco Nicolás
Benito J. Guerrero | 2º PER y PUB
En octubre el rosa es vida. Súmate al rosa
Javier Garay Blanco | 2º CAV y PUB
Es momento de reflexionar
Amalia Garcia | 3º PUB
Ahora sonando
An Interview with Boston University Professors
Alexandra Kahr | 3º INT - 19-03-14
An Interview with Boston University Professors

The CEU-Boston University program is an initiative taken by both universities with the objective of providing their students with an international experience that will prepare them for life outside the classroom. This program takes place at CEU University during the first three years, where weeklong lectures are hosted by Boston University professors, and is completed in the USA where students attend classes at Boston University for the fall semester. During the coursing of this year's modules in Spain two of Boston University's professors explained in an interview what the program offers and how CEU students can benefit from it. Professor Kip Becker, who is the chairman of the department and in charge of the second module, E-Commerce, and Professor Roger Warburton who teaches the first module, Project Management, offered their comments on the CEU-BU International program.

This program offers several opportunities to the students coursing in addition to a living a semester in Boston, including the International Business Certificate from BU. Regarding the three mandatory modules coursed in Spain they "introduce the students to an American style of teaching, so when you [the student] comes you're prepared for the difference" explains Professor Becker, "I've seen that each year, there's a difference in the students." Professor Warburton emphasizes how important the three modules are previous to going to Boston, "they're learning the American style and continuous preparation is key."

The international experience the program offers is different from that of an Erasmus around Europe, Dr Becker notes that most Spanish students have visited other nations in the EU. While they are different from Spain they are not as different as a semester in the US. "There isn't anything that isn't global," explains Becker, "it's impossible to avoid being exposed to being global, if you do, you limit yourself. Boston is a different environment, shockingly different from Europe" and Boston is a wonderful city. However, on a more general perspective, Professor Warburton mentions the values this program offers; "our students will be in a position of authority in 5-7 years, what I am teaching them is to focus on practical values that aren't obsolete"; by this he means that the knowledge students obtain throughout this experience will be useful when they begin interacting in a work environment. However, just because it is different, doesn't mean that the students taking part in the program aren't allowed to also take part in an Erasmus exchange.

The professors involved in this program all have decades of work experience prior to teaching; "Everything I did in my career is in that classroom" said Warburton who explains his teaching methods as trying to recreate the 'real world' working ethics. However regarding this overall project he concludes with a very inspiring and motivating sentence; that with this program "you learn to survive and to come back with that confidence that whatever happens, it's going to be okay." This is because the CEU-Boston University program is not only academic, but also a transatlantic experience in another continent with a different culture that forces you to interact in the classroom with other students from over thirty nationalities away from your comfort zone.




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