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30 de agosto de 2015
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Long life for sports
Daniel Marco | 2º Internacional - 29-09-14
Long life for sports

"Every doctor knows how to prescribe pills, but there´s no drug available to accomplish all the things that the regular physical activity does"- Ron Wilson, member of the British campaign "Exercise is Medicine" who wants to provide a prescription that could prevent many diseases, especially the ones related to the heart through physical activity.

Today is the World's Heart Day so it´s a good moment to keep concerning the population about the importance sports have in avoiding cardiovascular problems. Regularity and continuity are basic for the health interests during the practice of sports, experts recommend at least 20 minutes of moderate sport (such as walking) daily, but of course it is necessary to take into account the different situations in which the person could be. If this activity is fulfilled, the probability of having cardiovascular diseases decreases considerably. This cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death all around the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 23.3 millions of people will die due to heart issues by 2030. Furthermore an American study that has been made indicates that 250.000 of United States annual deaths are because of heart issues. There´s no age for this disorder, but since 40 years old it is more likely to suffer them.

Sport also helps to prevent other health issues such as obesity, a medical condition that keeps increasing its numbers especially amongst kids. As the WHO has informed, kids from 0 to 5 years old have increased their obesity index from 31 million in 1990 to 44 in 2012, if it keeps growing this far we will have 70 million by 2025. Along with sports, a balanced diet is also very important to avoid overweight. The importance of fruit and vegetables is crucial; "5 a day" is the WHO recommendation.

It is true that physical activity will not completely save you from the cardiovascular diseases but, if there´s a combination of sports, a good diet and the reduction or, even better, elimination of some harmful vices like tobacco, for sure the probabilities will be reduced.



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